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About Us

Jianhui Metals Group smelting, electroslag remelting, rolling, cold drawn, heat treatment, casting steel roller and mechanical processing, specializing in producing of special steel materials with high value-added and high quality. As an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, Jianhui Metals Group dedicated to providing its customers with the quickest quotes, best quality products, most Jianhui Metals GroupAISI, JIS, DIN and other industry standard specifications and customers’ requirements. Jianhui Metals Group wins overall satisfaction and praise with strict control of chemical properties, physical properties, heat treatments and forging integrity.

There are kinds of electric furnace with different heat size, followed with ladle refining furnaces and vacuum degassing furnaces, and several ingot casting lines. The large forged die steel block manufactured via the process of vacuum refining, electroslag refining, forging and ultra-fining heat treatment is characterized by high cleanliness, evenly distributed carbide and fine microstructure, which can fully satisfy customers’ demands and requirements of quality and performance of high-end products.

Heat treatment furnaces, ultrasonic testing, surface grinding and other finishing facilities are equipped in the downstream of the forging line to meet requirements of production of various of large forgings. Jianhui Metals Group specialize in supplying heavy forging parts with special steel grades and produce forged steel round bar, square bar, forged steel block, forging parts, forged step shafts with various of steel grades according to different standards, including carbon steel, alloy steel and tool steel, etc.

Jianhui Metals Group has acquired abundant forging experience and cooperated with the high-class enterprises in the world for a long time. All of our customers have shown their satisfaction and high appreciation of our products and recognize us as a professional manufacturer of forgings in China. Our products are exported to USA, UK, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Slovakia and other countries and regions. All of the honors can prove that Jianhui Metals Group is the reliable cooperation team both in the domestic and international markets.

We are developing closer customer relationships and taking on a larger role in the total supply and manufacturing chain. A closer connection with our customers is key. Our ability to anticipate customer needs, willingness to become involved with their business, and ability to respond quickly and cost effectively has established Jianhui Metals Group as a premier forging supplier.